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I’m a father to two young boys (and dog!) and I understand how important it is to ensure we are all doing whatever we can to enable our future generations to succeed. That means waking up every day to ensure these kids are healthy, safe, have access to clean water and clean air, and are getting a quality education, regardless of their zip code. I’m fighting for my kids, and yours, everyday.

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Auto Guy.

After getting my MBA, I wanted to work on helping to solve complex business solutions which led me to my current role at Fiat-Chrysler. Every day I am proud to join my colleagues working towards innovative solutions and help prepare us for the future of the automotive industry; a future which will have long lasting effects on Michigan’s economy. It is imperative we have legislators who understand both the opportunities available to Michigan, and the challenges we may face. We need someone who will fight to keep our jobs in Michigan, keep our plants open, and ensure our economy is strong. We need holistic solutions, from producing the talent required by investing in our public education system, to fixing our infrastructure to prepare for mobility solutions, to building a regional transit system to attract and retain the talent of tomorrow.

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To me, leadership is about creating meaningful connections and ensuring everyone’s voice is being heard. Our campaign is based on inclusion, equity, and equality, and I will fight to ensure we have a Michigan which works for everyone. As the son of immigrants, I have seen first hand how hard families work in their pursuit of the American dream - one that I’m proud to say I am the product of. Thanks to the opportunities I have had, I am a proud MBA, Canton homeowner, and father of two, and my goal is to work as hard for Michigan’s future as my immigrant parents worked for me. That means continuing to serve my community by serving on the Board of Directors of local non-profits, being a fierce activist for local candidates and organizations, and being a voice for all communities across District 21. I’m ready to lead. Will you join me and #believeinranjeev?


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We are Driving Michigan Forward! I'm committed to helping Michigan grow and prepare for tomorrow, while ensuring everyone has an equal voice and no Michigander is left behind.


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